Open Group

Theater is a place to feel at home, feel free, and to explore qualities you might not even know you had, or develop further what you know you’ve got! If you want to have one night a week where you can dive into a different world and let all of you out... You’ve found the right place. We also have our own bar where we enjoy lots of after rehearsal chill-outs.


The decision which Shakespeare play we are going to perform lies with the group. At the first rehearsal, our director discusses the options and everyone makes his or her top 3. This year we will be adding the ‘meta-element’ to the play. This means Jo will write a modern part of the play around the existing text.

We hope you will join us in our cozy and homely workspace for rehearsals that are both fun and challenging so that together we can proudly develop ourselves as actors.

Below you will find the faces of our 2019/2020 season with a personal quote about their experiences with us.

On the 7th of September 2020, we will be starting our new season! There are still some spots open for new members to join. For this project, we will be accepting all entry levels. All we ask is an open mind to learn from each other. Every actor always has their own process, no matter how ‘high’ the level. In order to maintain that development, our group consists of no more than ten actors.

Rehearsals are every Wednesday night from 20:00 to 22:30. There are three-weekend rehearsals and one full weekend rehearsal near the live performance dates.  This season is from the 7th of September 2020 till the performance weekend (11/12/13th of June 2021)

An open rehearsal where new members can meet the group and our director is on Wednesday the 2nd of September at 20:00. It will take place at our own rehearsal space at ‘de Roos van Dekamaweg 4’ in Amsterdam.

*All necessary precautions are in place to make sure we can safely rehearse. 

Current Play

All’s well that ends well is a powerful story about class division, strength, and a good load of comedy!  Altered to fit the times of Covid-19 we proudly present our video project on our Web-Series Page

Want to Join?

The seasonal show is open to join, just send us an introduction email and stay tuned for our open rehearsal days! Sign up closes the 7th of September.

Meet The Group


"Jo is a hard worker and strong director and I learned from her and the lovely group that we can be ourselves and how to make my English better."


"Jo is a very attentive, supportive, and inspiring director, fully committed to her craft. She lives and breathes Shakespeare. She cares about the group a lot, but she also asks for a level of professionalism, seamlessly adjusting her approach to make everyone equally excited and challenged at the same time."


"Park Avenue Theater has a very open atmosphere. We always start and end the rehearsals together, giving them an incredible and welcoming feeling.

Jo always knows exactly how to help you improve, both as an actor and as a person."


"At Park Avenue Theater we play Shakespeare in a way I’ve never experienced before. You're escaping the “pre-conceptualized” Shakespearean acting with mind-bending exercises."



"Jo has an incredible aptitude and skill in adapting to the frequency and needs of each of the actors and uses this to guide us through the trickier patches of the rehearsal process and into a space where we can truly learn a lot about the role and the performance."


"The lessons at Park Avenue theater challenge me to keep on learning new things with a sweet and motivated group."


"The beauty of playing with Park Avenue Theatre is that everyone is open to learning from one another. With so many lovely and different individuals, it is hard not to find inspiration.


The best feeling in the world is the warmth you feel when performing alongside the people you've grown so close to in a year."