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Private Lessons

For all of those out there that would like some special one on one-time to work with our director, we offer two types of private lessons to choose from. The session's purpose can range from improving one or more skills in your repertoire to working towards a specific audition or performance. 

Are you interested or do you want additional information? Just send an e-mail to, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

"Whenever something doesn’t work for me, Jo sees it immediately and pulls another option out of the bag. In one scene I was having such a hard time and she never stopped being patient and kept coming up with new ways every time I was struggling. Her repertoire of exercises and ways to help you is truly remarkable."

Audition training

Plan in an audition training via the link below

Auditions are a harsh reality in the theater business, you’re required to perform under pressure and with little to no feedback. It can be tough.

So how can you whip yourself into shape for that? And how can you nail that amazing monologue that will blow them out of the water? How can you prepare for the unpreparable? The improvisations they might ask, performing your speech a completely different way while still staying grounded and keeping your confidence?

During these training sessions, I will help you with what you need. I will focus on the following and more:

-        Pronunciation

-        Use of voice

-        Textual understanding

-        Connection with your words

-        Character building

-        Flexibility with exercises

-        How do I come across

-        Confidence


Let’s get you that audition!!

Acting coaching

Plan in an a coaching session via the link below

Every actor has their strong sides and their weaker sides. In order to grow as an actor, you need to be open to learning. This requires getting out of your comfort zone, doing the things that scare you, failing at what you aren’t good at YET.

As a director, I can be very different depending on what the actor needs. Sometimes I take a step back and give the actor the means to tackle techniques, without pushing, to help his or her confidence grow. Sometimes I am on their every move, alerting them to every detail and hammering on those weaker points till it clicks. There are, of course, many different ways in between that.

The way I work while coaching depends on two things:

  1. What is it that YOU want to work on? What is your focus point for the coaching sessions? It might be a technique you’re struggling with, it might be the same aspect of acting that you keep having a hard time with. Anything is possible. We will talk this through before our first session.

  2. How you work best. This is something that I will not ask you since it’s a difficult question to answer and can lead to the wrong start. When we start the sessions we will feel the waters, I will look closely at how you approach your speech and work out methods from there. 

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