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Our theater performance of ‘All’s Well That Ends Well’ was canceled due to the closing of the theaters. Instead, we asked each of the actors from our open group to choose their favorite scene. We had rehearsals on-camera acting, which is very different from a live stage performance. Yet in its core, both are about finding a connection with your lines, your scene partner, and the audience, so they could build on a lot of what we worked on over the last couple of year(s). 

All of the scenes together make our ‘Web series’ of ‘All’s Well’. Before each episode, there is a short explanation of what’s going on in the scene and the characters. To help you follow the whole play, some episodes include short plot developments at the end as well. So do watch them chronologically. A total of eight episodes will be revealed over the next couple of weeks with new ones every Thursday. So stay tuned!

In the introduction video, we have a short message from our creative team. We would be incredibly grateful if you are able to make a donation to our foundation. This will allow us to keep on creating and get us through these hard times. We hope to always stay a place for people of all ages and backgrounds to connect over their love for theater and Shakespeare.

Stay safe and stay creative!

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