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We want everyone to feel connected to themselves and to the world


The best way we know how to achieve this is to do this together through theater.

We create a safe space where you will be challenged and have fun at the same time. We provide workshops, (private) acting lessons and audition training. We also have an open group with whom we work towards a performance.


Most of our projects are focussed around Shakespeare’s work. 

Except for some of our workshops


Everyone that joins us at Park Avenue Theater loves to act and learn.

The commitment keeps that wonderful vibrant energy in the rehearsals,

shows and our workshops.



You can find workshops suited to your level, whether you are just starting out or whether you want to improve on your craft. 


Why English and why Shakespeare?


At Park Avenue Theater we work with both native and non native speakers.  Amsterdam is a very international city and we think it's important that our theater community represents that.

Another reason we work in English is our love for Shakespeare's work. And it cannot keep all its beauty in a translation. The depth that it has is unrivalled and unique. You can find something new in every rehearsal. 


We don’t approach the text academically but theatrically. Which makes it accesible, fun and a joy to play. Join us at one of our introduction to Shakespeare workshops or our open rehearsal. You'll see, we promise.

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