Want to join next year?

Park Avenue Theater is an English speaking Theater community in Amsterdam. We provide workshops, (private) acting lessons and audition training. We also have an open group with whom we work for seven month towards a performance and a professional group.

Our projects are mostly focussed around the Shakespeare’s work.

Whether you have no experience in acting at all or have been on stage for years, three things that will always help you get the best out of you are: Learning and rehearsing in 1. An environment that is safe so you can explore without ever being afraid of ‘making a mistake’, as everything you do will help you grow. 2. Working from a foundation of Trust and Respect for each other.

A little while a go at rehearsal our director had one of our players lie on the floor to feel the strength of her body to talk. We all have things we do automatically and stepping out of our comfort zone will help you get better. She was doing better indeed, but expresses the uncomfortable feeling of having everyone look down on her. Our director laid down next to her and then the rest of the group asked if they could join as well and enthusiastically joined, releasing all tension from the air.

Parallel to Safety, Trust and Respect is Commitment. Everyone that joins us at Park Avenue Theater loves to act and learn. The commitment everyone shows keeps that wonderful vibrant energy in the rehearsals, shows and our workshops.



You can check out our upcoming workshops. (new dates and workshop will be on our website end of june) You can find one suited to your level, whether you are just starting or want to improve on your craft.


Why English and why Shakespeare?


At Park Avenue Theater we have worked with both native and non native speakers. Our projects and productions are in English, in the spirit of keeping it International. Amsterdam is a very international city and we want to provide a place for everyone to be able to enjoy theater. Some of our Dutch members are here because they enjoy the English language, most of them are Shakespeare fans and after having a taste of the real words of the bard, they understand the appeal.


Shakespeare cannot keep all its beauty in a translation. The depth that you are able to find in the characters and in the words that they say is unrivalled and unique. You can find something new in every rehearsal, every time you let the character speak. We don’t approach the text academically, there are other places for that. We approach it theatrically. Once you dive into it, it’s not so daunting as people think. It it would be.. why would it still be performed worldwide after 430 years?


Experience it, then you’ll truly understand.

It's easy.