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Theater is a place to feel at home, feel free, and to explore qualities you might not even know you had. 

Or to develop further what you know you’ve got! If you want to have one night a week where you can dive into a different world and let all of you out… You’ve found the right place. We also have our own bar where we enjoy after rehearsal chill-outs.

Our cast for this season is set, but find out below how you can join next season. 

From the 18th of September till the 18th of December 2024 we have our training sessions. Imagine them as extended workshops. All centered around developing your skills to become a compelling stage performer.  

The training sessions are great to prepare for the performance and developing your skill.

Whether you have previous experience with some of the techniques or not doesn’t matter. The group is small enough to challenge you as a performer on your level. We have performers that have been with us for years, and every year they develop their skill even more.

Some things you will learn (or further develop if you have previous experience):

Vocal Control 

You’ll learn to fully use your core and your body as an instrument for resonance to give power to your speech.
Improve your articulation/pronunciation and learn techniques to make you pleasantly and perfectly audible for the audience. 

Power in Movement 

Develop your stage presence.

Scene/Speech interpretation 

You’ll learn how to make Shakespeare’s speeches sound like your own words. 

Dynamic staging 

Spacial awareness in a scene and how to make acting choices that help bring the story to life.

Character development

The techniques you’ll learn at the training sessions are there to make the character come to life. And make if feel effortless for the viewing audience. 


You will learn to connect with your fellow actor and the audience, find depth in the amazing language of Shakespeare and enjoy the exhilarating kick of finding all that you are capable of!

Everyone will be given the same three scenes and can pick one of five monologues to work on. Participants of the training sessions have a guaranteed spot in the performance. You can also choose to only join the training sessions.

We hope you will join us in our cozy and homely workspace for our training sessions that are both fun and challenging. Together we can proudly work on your development develop as a performer.

Below you will find the faces of our 2023/2024 season with a personal quote about their experiences with us.

“Park Avenue Theater is a warm group willing to work hard while having fun. We all support each other”
“With Jo I learn in one day what elsewhere would have cost me months”
“The lessons at Park Avenue theater challenge me to keep on learning new things with a sweet and motivated group.”
“Park Avenue Theater is not just a platform to explore Shakespeare by diving deep into the rhythm of his language, but also is a group of loving, hardworking and welcoming people with whom rehearsal time flies by incredibly quickly”

New Season

On the 18th of September 2024, we will be starting our new season! As in our previous year, we will have a three month training period. From September till December. In December we will hold auditions for anyone that wants to join the performance and has not been at the training sessions. Then a casting will be made. 

In March we will start the rehearsal period and we will perform around June/July 2024.

For this project, we will be accepting players from entry and intermediate levels. All we ask is an open mind to learn from each other and a commitment to the work. Every actor always has their own process, no matter how ‘high’ the level. In order to maintain that development, our group consists of no more than ten actors.

Rehearsals and training sessions are on Wednesday nights from 19:30 till 22:00.

Costs: € 260 for the whole training track, or € 100 for a single month.

€ 150,- for the performance group

Open rehearsals

This year we have one open rehearsals where you can meet the group and our director. This will be on Wednesday the 11th of September 2024 from 20:00 till 22:00. It will take place at our own rehearsal space at ‘de Roos van Dekamaweg 4’ in Amsterdam.

Sign up here for the open rehearsal

Meet the group


“It's my first year with Park Avenue and I enjoyed the classes, the training exercises and diving into the Shakespeare's world a lot.
I love Jo’s passion and how she dedicates her time to explain and find the right triggers for each of us. I look forward to see each scene brought to light, how the characters develop, how the production becomes a whole, and of course how the performance will turn out. I am excited about all the steps.”


"Jo is a very attentive, supportive, and inspiring director, fully committed to her craft. She lives and breathes Shakespeare. She cares about the group a lot, but she also asks for a level of professionalism, seamlessly adjusting her approach to make everyone equally excited and challenged at the same time."


“I am loving my experience at Park Avenue. Everything is very clear and what is said that we will do is actually done. The cast is lovely, and we work hard together! Everyone is taking out the best in each other! Jo has taught me a lot. She is a very knowledgeable director and knows exactly what she is talking about. She has given me new insights I previously did not possess."


“In Jo you will find a teacher who breathes Shakespeare. Her passion and care for it is contagious. She gives individual feedback that is spot on which creates a worthwhile learning experience. I have also been inspired by the fellow actors of our diverse group and am sure that many more cool projects will follow from this one. Excited to keep growing, connecting, playing and performing.”


“I love it! In the rehearsals there is so much focus in the group and it's a safe place to learn. Jo is very precise and involved director. She is always looking for new ways to improve the actors individually and the group as a whole. It's definitely worth the long travel!

This year I am specifically looking forward to learning how I can portray a twin with someone who I look nothing a like. This will for sure proof a challenge but one I am ready to face!”


“Park Avenue Theater has always allowed me to challenge myself both creatively and intellectually. I have been able to grow a lot since started here seven years ago and the group keeps inspiring me to do so. Working with Jo is a unique experience. She shows up every rehearsal knowing how to direct each individual actor.

I’m most looking forward to the madness of this play, the physicality to Dromio of Syracuse and working along side our magnificent cast to put on a true spectacle. The rehearsals are already so much fun, I can’t wait to put it on stage.”


“Everyone in the group has been very welcoming and collaborative. Every rehearsal is an acting workshop, with all kinds of techniques and exercises that I haven't come across before. And Jo as the director is a great combination of patient, fun and kind, but also firm, which means we have fun exploring the play and characters, but without getting off track from rehearsing. I am learning a lot!

Pronouncing a death sentence will be a first for me, along with performing Shakespearian verse, so I'm looking forward to all of that!”


“Park Avenue theater is a friendly, loving and welcoming family, who took me in right from the start. The director Jo guides us through Shakespearean world. She helps us to find that deep connection to the characters, which makes our acting so much better. This play is coming together piece by piece and I can't wait to see final result and be a part of it.”


“Performing at Park Avenue Theatre has been really fun since I started. From the very first day, I felt welcome and there is a positive and fun atmosphere in every class. I love the way that the theatre group is very directed towards learning a speciality (Shakespeare theatre) and that everyone is very motivated and enthused to get the most out of each session.

The group is eclectic, thoughtful, patient, and fun! I highly recommend it!"


My Experience has been really great! It's such a joy working with people who love Shakespeare and want to explore and grow more. I learn a lot during rehearsals whether I'm performing or not.

It's been highly educational. Working with Shakespeare is a big challenge for me but Jo has a lot of methods and techniques to help text feel more accessible and even fun!

I’m looking forward to the hilarity that ensues from this play. There will be a lot of unexpected moments and those are always such fun to experience


“It has been such an amazing experience. I feel so lucky working with this group of insanely talented and lovely people! No matter how tired I am or how much work the rehearsals are, i always enjoy them.

This is my first Shakespeare production, and I feel that in order to get into the Shakespeare world you need a good guide. Jo has been doing such an amazing job at this! I also really like her unique directing style and that acting coaching is a big part of the rehearsal process. I feel that being in this production gives me so much! I am really looking forward to spending more time with this wonderful team.”

Yin Yin

“So far it has been engaging, fun and diverse. No week is the same. I'm really enjoying diving into Shakespeare with Park Avenue Theatre! Jo is amazing! Her teaching methods and directorial vision can directly elevate your craft as an actor. Jo's approach is deeply individual, and her perceptiveness is so on point, you learn as much off the floor as being on the floor. It is inspiring and a pleasure to work with Jo!

I enjoy the process of developing as an actor within a talented ensemble to bring one of Shakespeare's comedy alive together.”


“My experience so far has been extremely rewarding and fun!
Jo is a visionary director who knows how to stretch your acting, tailored.

I'm looking forward to continue stretching myself in acting on stage, and having a great time on the stage with everyone!”

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