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Our main goal at Park Avenue Theater is to raise every performer to a higher level. Our workshops have groups of 6, 8 or max 10 participants. This gives you real time to experiment and learn on the floor. We make sure everyone gets the time they need to work on their progress.

We work with three different levels

Entry level – No experience with theater/acting or some experience (three years or less)

Intermediate Level – At least four years of experience in acting and live performing.

Advanced – At least two years of acting school or 4 years of professional training and/or performing in a professional capacity.

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Read all about our current workshops below!


Shakespeare Technique

date: 4th of May 2024

10 spots left


All levels

In this workshop we invite you into the wonderful world of William Shakespeare. You will learn about the Iambic Pentameter (a.k.a. verse) and prose. Verse is the heartbeat in Shakespeare’s works. Learn how to recognize it, what it means and what it gives you as a performer. Make that heartbeat come to life! It makes the early modern English so much clearer. We will explore two scenes from A Midsummer Night’s Dream (prose) and Romeo & Juliet (verse). You will learn more about these plays, about the different rhythms in the text and the magic that it brings!

Participants: 10 max.

Time: 10:00 – 17:00

Price: € 85,- (Student price: € 65,-) 

Combination ticket with the Shakespeare Intensive:  € 225,- (Student price: € 195,-)

Shakespeare Intensive

date: 11-12th of May 2024

6 spots left

Intermediate & Advanced Level (verse work required)

In this workshop, you will be working on a monologue of your own choice and a dialogue. How do you make Shakespeare’s words sound like your own? How do you pull the audience in with your acting, get them at the edge of their seat? How do you engage with your fellow actor in a way that fills the room with energy and anticipation? In this Shakespeare intensive workshop we will be taking on these themes. We will be working with imagery, finding the character and the action in the words. We’ll also focus on letting your character achieve his or her goals. Previous experience with Shakespeare or participation in the Shakespeare Technique workshop is required

Participants: 6 actors max.  

Time: 10:00 – 17:00 (two days)

Price: € 165,- (Student price: € 140,-) 

Summer Intensive

date: 3 – 10th of August 2024

5 spots left

Intermediate & Advanced Level

A week-long course in a villa in France. (food & accommodation included)

Dive into the world of Shakespeare and acting for a full week in an amazing villa in France. 

We will work on a cut down version of The Merchant of Venice and a monologue of your choice. During the week you will learn acting and vocal techniques, staging, character development and much much more.. You will fall in love with the bards’s sharp dialogue, his wit and humor in text, his mesmerizing use of rhythm and beats and what that does for the character’s speech. After this you’ll be equipped with a good set of tools to tackle Shakespeare!​

What will you learn/what can you expect? (New themes will be introduced every day.)

Arrival day – Introductions & Games

First day – Verse (Iambic Pentameter) & Prose.

Second day – Voice work & Personal monologues

Third day – Voice work (morning) – The Play (afternoon)

Fourth day – Verse in character speech – Free afternoon

Fifth day – Staging & Collaboration. (Evening extra: character point of views)

Sixth day – Putting it all together.

Participants: 8 actors max.  

Location: Rimboval, France

Time: Saturday till Saturday 

Price: € 750,- (including € 275,- for accomodation and € 150,- for breakfast, lunch dinner & drinks for the week)

Rooms are shared or private depending on availability. Guaranteed private room € 150,-

Student price: € 650,- 

Excitement of Acting

date: 9th of June 2024

7 spots left

Entry & Intermediate Level

In this workshop we will be working on a dialogue as well as some improvisational exercises. Acting is about reacting in the moment, staying connected to what you’re saying and who you are speaking to and what you want from that person. In theory.. easy and simple, in reality.. a little more difficult to accomplish. As soon as we get up in front of people part of our brain tenses up. You want to do your best, you might push your voice and try to make your words sound as interesting and engaged as possible. Maybe you rack your brain to think of good position to move your body into so it will look natural. And while you are trying so hard, you move away from letting your character react to the scene, to the here and now. Join us for our acting workshops to find freedom and fun into your performance.

Participants: 10 max.

Time: 10:00 – 17:00

Price: € 85,- (Student price: € 65,-)

Training sessions


18th of September 2024 –

18th of December 2024

10 spots left

During these three months you will work on several acting techniques.

Vocal Control 

You’ll learn to fully use your core and your body as an instrument for resonance to give power to your speech. Improve your articulation/pronunciation and learn techniques to make you pleasantly and perfectly audible for the audience. 

Power in Movement 

Develop your stage presence.

Scene/Speech interpretation 

You’ll learn how to make Shakespeare’s speeches sound like your own words. 

Dynamic staging 

Spacial awareness in a scene and how to make acting choices that help bring the story to life.

Character development

The techniques you’ll learn at the training sessions are there to make the character come to life. And make if feel effortless for the viewing audience. 

Participants of the training sessions have a guaranteed spot in the performance. You can also choose to only join the training sessions.

Participants: 10 max.

Time Wednesday nights: 19:30 – 22:00

Price: € 260,- (Student price: € 220,- )

Single month participation available for € 100,- 

Are you looking to further develop as a performer? Then coaching might be for you!
We offer two types of private lessons to choose from: Acting coaching and Audition training.
The goal and content of these sessions will be tailored to you. This can range from improving your technique, vocally, physically or connecting to text and audience, to working towards a specific audition or performance. 

You will find more information below about the sessions below. Do you want additional information? Just send an e-mail to, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

“Whenever something doesn’t work for me, Jo sees it immediately and pulls another option out of the bag. In one scene I was having such a hard time and she never stopped being patient and kept coming up with new ways every time I was struggling. Her repertoire of exercises and ways to help you is truly

Audition training

Auditions are a part of being a performer.
How do you choose your monologue? What suits you and brings out your unique
selling point as an actor? How do you bring diversity and a range of emotion into your
Learn how to nail that amazing monologue that will blow them out of the water. Learn
to trust yourself, and find your focus. Learn to stay grounded and keep your

During these training sessions, I will help you with what you need. I will focus on the
following and more:
–        Pronunciation
–        Use of voice
–        Textual understanding
–        Connection with your words
–        Character building
–        Flexibility with exercises
–        How do I come across
–        Confidence

Let’s get you that audition!!
Price – € 80,- per hour (€ 70 if you book two or more hours consecutively)
Student price € 60 per hour.

Acting coaching

If you are looking to challenge yourself as an actor and enhance your performance,
this acting coaching is for you. This is not a workshop. Where workshops are a great
way to learn and improve your skills, this coaching is completely tailored to you. What
is it that you want, and what is it that you need.
We work differently, depending on what you need. This might be working very
detailed on every word and movement in performance. Or it might be working on
exercises that help you grow in confidence as a performer. Or you might want to work
on a certain technique, be it vocal or physical.
The way we work while coaching depends on two things:

  1. What is it that YOU want to work on? What is your focus point for the coaching
    sessions? It might be a technique you’re struggling with, it might be the same
    aspect of acting that you keep having a hard time with. Anything is possible.
    We will talk this through before our first session.
  2. Which way of working do you need? This can be a difficult question to answer.
    When we start the sessions, we will look closely at how you approach your
    speech and work out methods from there.

    Price – € 80,- per hour (€ 70 if you book two or more hours consecutively)
    Student price € 60 per hour.


Training sessions

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