Hamlet; Act 2, scene 2

The Play’s the Thing

Creativity, community and hard work defines every step of our process, whether that be the workshops, the Summer Intensive, or the play at the end of a season. Here you’ll find how we work, what we are working towards and a place for our community to tell their stories.

The Iambic Pentameter: Female Endings

Last time I talked about the iambic pentameter in its normal state: ten beats, five of which are stressed. But the bard has a habit

Actor’s Diary: Et tu, Brute?

Language is a wonderful thing. Sometimes working in another language can be really freeing; It can give you something extra to discover new things with

Actor’s Diary: Language, Mind and Movement

Written by Maya Graser | Instagram: @thisismedisappearing When I worked with Jo on Kate’s monologue, she asked me to translate each verse into my native

Actor’s Diary: Taming Katherina

Instagram – @Lathania Katherina, the so called “shrew” of Shakespeare that gets “tamed”. I have always had a fascination with her as a character and

The Iambic Pentameter

If you’ve ever read Shakespeare; you’ve seen it. If you’ve ever seen Shakespeare performed; you’ve heard it. A rhythmic device that makes the lines not

The time to grow…

In the eyes of many people, the performance part of an actor’s job is the most interesting. The excitement, the adrenaline and then the cherry

The World of King Lear: part II

We’ve had so much fun with filling in this world around Shakespeare’s King Lear. When a few problems presented themselves, we’ve been able to solve

The World of King Lear

Early in the production of King Lear: a matter of perspectives we looked at the options of our setting. The world in Shakespeare’s play is

The Perspective of… The final part

Updated: Jun 1 Every year, we give our own twist to a Shakespeare play and King Lear is no different. We will give you four characters,

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