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King Lear,
A Matter of Perspective

Everything is a matter of perspective. Everything is colored by your point of view. Whose narrative are you hearing, is it your own or is it someone else’s? And whose narrative are you choosing to believe?


The old king Lear is dividing his kingdom between his three daughters, Goneril, Regan and Cordelia. He has, as far as he is concerned, devised a brilliant plan to decide who gets what despite several attempts by his trusted lord and advisor, The earl of Kent, to change his mind.

Unsurprisingly it all goes haywire and both the king and his subjects have to find their way in this new and ever changing situation. Alliances are forged and opinions formed, which one shall prove the most dangerous?

While Lear is dealing with his daughters, the earl of Gloucester is dealing with his two sons. The first born, the noble legitimate Edgar who is bound to inherit the title and the land and Edmund, who also came from Gloucester’s loins.


Everyone will fight their battle, the old king, his three daughters, the loyal lord, the blind father, his legitimate son and the bastard. Every single one will fight for what, they think, is right. But when those narratives clash and collide with one another, whose narrative do you choose to believe?


It’s all a matter of perspective after all.

We at Park Avenue Theater proudly present to you:

King Lear, A Matter of Perspective!


We hope you will enjoy it!


Times & Dates:

Friday - 2nd of June         20:00

Saturday - 3rd of June     20:00

Sunday - 4th of June      15:00



Kometensingel 152

1033 BZ Amsterdam

Regular tickets  € 14,50

Student tickets  € 11,50

Tickets can be purchased via the ticket link. 

(Administrative fee included ;-)) 

Our show will be performed in the beautiful historic convent of Cometa.


There is a wonderful Vegan & Vintage restaurant in the building.

So be sure to grab a drink or dinner (reservation recommended)

click here to visit their website

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