Who's afraid of MacBeth

A group of actors come together to rehearse an experimental play. They have three days to rehearse and set it. At the end of the last day they will have to deliver their best at the sold out performance. The play? Shakespeare's infamous Macbeth. But things start to go wrong from the get-go. The actors will be confronted with what it takes to play MacBeth.. I mean the Scottish play.. Damnit! Will they overcome the obstacles and find a way to bond and work together or will the infamous play live up to its reputation?


We jump from one story into another, will the actors know where the one starts and the other ends?

This year our process was a little different. We knew we wouldn’t always be able to rehearse live, and we didn’t know what was going to happen. Last year we first experimented with the idea of a ‘meta’ play (a play that draws attention to its nature as drama or theatre, or to the circumstances of its performance) and it gave all the actors a lot of freedom and everyone enjoyed it immensely. So we decided to build on that by creating our own story and characters inspired by the actors own experiences and working on the themes in MacBeth. The storyline was partly created in improvised rehearsals and the characters completely of everyone’s own making. The show was then later written by our director.


Apart from having a large part of the rehearsals online, we had a major cast switch as one of our performers was not able to finish the project, her work on the characters is still embedded in our play. Two new enthusiastic players joined us in the final months of our rehearsal process, making our show a possibility again and worked hard to get on track. The play was then edited to fit both actors and their skills into the play.


We at Park Avenue Theater proudly present to you our first live-steam: Who’s Afraid of MacBeth. We hope you will enjoy it!


Times & Dates:

Thursday - 1st of July at 20:00

Saturday -3rd of July 14:00 & 20:00

Sunday - 4th of July 14:00

Tickets are € 13,-

Student price is € 8,13


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