Updated: May 9

Every year, we give our own twist to a Shakespeare play and King Lear is no different. We will give you four characters, all with their different views of the world. We want to invite the audience to see the struggle of one specific character. Split into groups at the beginning, the character will tell you their backstory.You will experience the play differently, depending on whether your perspective has been influenced by King Lear, Goneril, Edgar or Edmund.

For us as the actors of these characters, these introduction monologues offer us more of the character we’re portraying. The idea that certain audience members know what’s most important to the characters, means that both character and actor can look into the audience for support and strength. Not one audience member knows the whole picture, but those who know our picture can be counted an ally, or even complicit.

This week we will be highlighting Daan, who portrays the title character King Lear.

Here’s his perception on the perspective of Lear:

“For me the context the opening perspective monologue gives to the character enhances the tragedy of him. It conveys the sadness of his life and his dreams for the future. He is one of the only characters that remembers a time before the apocalyptic events, he has fought through the shift and found a balance that allows for the society to function. And to then see what the character goes through in the play makes it hit that much harder.

I feel the monologue should give the audience the feeling of compassion and understanding. Throughout the play, Lear’s mental state changes and deteriorates.

The monologue gives the audience a look at who Lear is as king; how he used to rule the kingdom, and how he notices the effects of old age and wants to protect the kingdom from it. They should be rooting for him and his plans for the future. They come from a good place.

Edgar’s speech has the biggest impact I think, because it made me look at him as a more three-dimensional character.”

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