Hamlet; Act 2, scene 2

The Play’s the Thing

Creativity, community and hard work defines every step of our process, whether that be the workshops, the Summer Intensive, or the play at the end of a season. Here you’ll find how we work, what we are working towards and a place for our community to tell their stories.

Actor’s Diary: Et tu, Brute?

Language is a wonderful thing. Sometimes working in another language can be really freeing; It can give you something extra to discover new things with

Actor’s Diary: Language, Mind and Movement

Written by Maya Graser | Instagram: @thisismedisappearing When I worked with Jo on Kate’s monologue, she asked me to translate each verse into my native

Actor’s Diary: Taming Katherina

Instagram – @Lathania Katherina, the so called “shrew” of Shakespeare that gets “tamed”. I have always had a fascination with her as a character and

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